Friday, July 24, 2009

A Call to All Sorors - Be The Match

The following is a message from Barbara McKenzie, International President:

An Emergency Situation of high Priority has come to my attention that requires Every Sorors Participation.

I appeal to all of you to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. In the immediate future this act of compassion could save the life of Ashante Sloan, the daughter of Soror Emma Sloan (Omicron Omega, Birmingham, AL). In the ongoing future, your decision to become registered could offer continuing hope for the thousands of others waiting for a match.

Ashante's mother, sisters, and other sorors were tested during marrow drives held for Ashante, but a 10 in 10 match has not been found. Nine Caucasians have matched Ashante 9 out of 10. Because of the severity of her condition, her specialist is moving forward. Nevertheless, the appeal continues, not only because a 10 in 10 match may be necessary for her survival, but more importantly, because Ashante wants to increase the chances of finding a match for thousands of others.

To register, please click here and follow the instructions on the poster. Also please help us document the AKA response by e-mailing your name and the date of your registration to Connection Chair Soror Vanessa Rogers Long at

For those who have already been tested, I thank you. While you may not have been a match for Ashante, your results could be the match someone else is seeking. I urge those of you who have not registered to invest the time to do so as the first step toward saving a life.

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  1. Hi Soror/s. I came here by way of Twitter - an announcement and link to this article was posted by @plegd.

    This is an important program. I signed up to be a bone marrow donor years ago, when I donated blood more regularly (also something worth doing if you can). Lots of travel out of the country prevents me from donating like I use to. I should check my status, not sure if they purge lists or not.