Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorority Mourns the Loss of Michael Jackson

President hails Jackson as a once-in-a-lifetime talent Alpha Kappa Alpha
Sorority is joining the world in grieving over the loss of entertainer
extraordinaire Michael Jackson.

Speaking on behalf of its 225,000 members in 975 chapters worldwide, AKA's
International President Barbara A. McKinzie characterized Jackson as "a rare
talent who comes along only once in a lifetime."

McKinzie noted that from the moment Jackson burst onto the
musical scene as the youngest member of the legendary Jackson Five, through
his decades as a solo performer, he was a groundbreaker.

She noted that his album 'Thriller" remains the highest-grossing record of
all time-testimony to the power of his appeal. She added that in addition to his
compelling musical sound, Jackson's signature moonwalk, and his ability to
command the stage and captivate his fans only contributed to his dynamism.

"The world is united in mourning his passing because of the joy he brought to
the millions who were touched by him," declared McKinzie. In reflecting on his
legacy, McKinzie said: "Michael Jackson was an icon whose musical genius earned
him the moniker 'King of Pop'. As musical royalty, he ushered in a new sound
that opened the musical gates for so many others who came behind him. His
pioneering role in shaping R&B and an entire musical era is the gift he
leaves behind."

McKinzie extended condolences to his parents, Katherine and Joseph, his
siblings, his children and to Michael Jackson's legion of fans, including all
members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


As a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson myself, I commend the sorority for
making a positive statement about Mr. Jackson and I also send condolences to
his family and fans. Let us just remember his groundbreaking legacy and
celebrate all the wonderful music he left behind.

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